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Terms T-Portal
HT Croatian Telecom dd

Content and Services T-Portal and their changes

User Registration T-Portal
Welcome! HT Croatian Telecom dd (Hereinafter referred to as T-HT) allow the use of services and
Content T-Portal which is governed by these Terms of Use. Using T-Portal and all associated
sites and services that belong domain (hereinafter referred to as T-Portal) considered that users are
all times familiar with these terms, and that they fully understand and accept.
T-Portal provides its users with access to a variety of Internet services and content sources that
include Internet magazine daily news, information center, web e-mail, Internet forums, chat, web
calendar, online address book and notes, a search service content, web pages, phone book,
digital city maps, digital greeting cards and postcards, classified ads, online auction service to search
employment services for partner search, online shopping mall, a blog, a service for making your own website
pages, photo galleries, a service for buying music online, and online platform for games.
T-HT reserves the right to discontinue and change the layout, content and conditions of use T-Portal, as well as all
service and subpages that are an integral part of T-Portal without prior notice. T-HT is not responsible for the
any damage caused by these changes.

By accepting these terms and conditions the user agrees to a T-Portal include advertising,
notifications, administrators and similar messages T-HT to regularly inform visitors / users
portal and the normal functioning of all services and facilities of T-Portal.
T-HT is fully disclaims all liability in any way arising from, or in any
way related to the use of T-Portal for any user action / visitor use or misuse
content on T-Portal, as well as for any damage that may arise / visitor or any third
party in connection with the use or misuse of the contents T-Portal.
By registering for a T-Portal user gets account information - user name and
password. User is obliged to keep account information, and is fully responsible for all
damage caused by unauthorized use of your account. Completing registration user
accept responsibility for all activities caused by the use of T-Portal.

Obligations of the user when using the T-Portal
T-Portal users are not allowed:
a) publishing, sending and sharing content that violates existing Croatian and / or international laws, the content
that is abusive, vulgar, pornographic, threatening, racist or sexist and harmful to any other
b) publishing, sending and sharing of information that the visitor knows or suspects to be false, and whose
use could cause damage to other users;
c) Impersonating another legal or natural persons,
d) manipulation of information for the purpose of concealing the origin of the content that is published or sent via
T-Service Portal
e) publishing, sending and sharing content that is copyrighted,
f) post, send and exchange unwanted content to users without their consent or request,
g) knowingly publishing, sending and sharing content that contains viruses or similar computer files or
programs made for the purpose of destroying or limiting the operation of any computer software and / or hardware
and telecommunications equipment,
h) the use, in any way, T-Portal to send or encourage the spread of unsolicited commercial
communications (aka spamming)
i) the collection, storage and disclosure of personal information and other visitors to the portal user.
T-HT reserves the right to remove any content that is considered unsuitable or does not fit the conditions of use
and automatically terminate the account registered user without notice in the case of
unauthorized use or breach of these terms of use.
Content on T-Portal is protected by copyright. Documents, data and information published on the
T-Portal may not be reproduced, distributed or in any way used for commercial purposes without
express consent of T-HT, or in any manner that could cause harm T-HT or any third party.
Documents, data and information published on T-Portal can be used for individual needs
users and their own responsibility to respect all copyrights and ownership rights and the rights of third

Privacy and confidentiality
Links to other web sites and user generated content
The lifting of ban on the use of T-Portal
T-HT will respect the anonymity and privacy of its users and visitors of T-Portal. T-HT can
collect personal data of users / visitors only with their consent. These data will be
used to inform the user better insight and understanding of the needs and requirements of users
T-Portal, as well as develop the best quality of service.
T-Portal contains documents, data, information, and links to other Internet sites created
by third parties (links) that will, whenever possible, be designated as such. T-HT has no control
of such documents, data, information or other Internet sites, and in
fully disclaims all liability related to the content on Internet sites created by
third parties.
T-HT is not responsible for the content of advertisers on T-Portal and for any damage caused by advertising
on T-Portal. The business relationship between advertisers and users on T-Portal and outside T-Portal only be
based on a business arrangement advertisers and users, and T-HT is not responsible for any possible damage
arising out of such a business relationship.
T-HT do not control the content that users share and can not guarantee the accuracy, quality or origin
such content. If it is apparent that any Content violates the legal regulations of the reputation or distorts T-Portal
as media, T-HT reserves the right to remove such content from the T-Portal without obavijesti.T-HT
shall in no way be held responsible for the contents or loss or damage to the content that was created for
Use T-Portal. T-HT reserves the right to publish or content that users share T-Portal
used for promotional purposes.
T-HT reserves the right to revoke or deny the use of your account and / or one or more
services for which the user is registered, without prior notice and / or explanation.
T-HT is not responsible for any damage caused by the abolition of user accounts and / or one or more
services for which the user is registered.